Thursday, April 24, 2014

Get real, and get started

"In God We Trust"....well, what would happen in your life if you did just that? Trust in God. This is not a big post. There isn't any big words for you to highlight on your iPhone and then request a definition. It's a very simple thought and method for getting through life. Life can be kind of daunting so let's not think of that. Let's just take it day by day. For some that quote can may even be daunting...let's start very small. 

"God, today I'm putting all my trust in you. Whatever happens today, decisions that need to be made, situations needing confederation, etc. whatever it is it is in your hands." 

...He's not going to pick out your outfit. Get real, get dressed, start your day, and see where God takes it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


CON is a story that displays true wholeness. Only divine intervention can cause the type of outcome that has taken place in the life of Miguel Gallegos, despite the numerous traumatic experiences to which he was exposed from childhood through adulthood. If you are trying to escape a cycle of chaos and confusion, this book is for you. If you need a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and are ready to walk through the next open door, this book is for you. If God has placed a calling on your life and you have tried to avoid that calling, this book is for you. CON is transparent in its content, genuine in its approach and absolutely transformative in its effect on the reader.
     - Karissa J. King, MA, MFTI

"Miguel's life testimony is evidence of God's amazing grace, and a reminder that no matter who you are, where you've been or what you've done, there's ALWAYS hope. That hope is the power and ability of the Gospel to forever transform people's lives."   

       - Johannes D. Escudero, MA, Pastor - HOPE CENTER

Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut elementary school shooting

This morning after packing my son’s lunch and helping him prepare for his weekly spelling test, I began reading the morning headlines. Across my laptop screen I see the yellow “Breaking News” update. It read "Connecticut Elementary School Shooting.” As I read it, it was a pretty vague article-not much information as of that point. At 9:54 am I received a text message from a friend asking if I had heard. By then it was conformed that there were 27 dead. Of course the questions begin: Why? Who could do such things? Facebook was being flooded with related post; people are praying for the victims. No sooner did the Bob Costas begin blaming guns; while this is not meant to be politicized, but can I point out that all the mass shootings with the exception of one have taken place in Gun Free Zones and or places where carrying guns have been banned.  

Instead of blaming abstract objects how about we look at the changes being pushed on society? We are living in a society in which ethical relativism is the popular position due to differing cultural moral codes. However, relativism ignores the fact that this position lacks any form of absolute judgment concerning right and wrong. This simply means that right and wrong lose their definitions and everyone can form their own definitions according to their own thinking. This is a sobering thought in light of all the dysfunction and perversion that people have been exposed to through music, movies, and various influences. Have you ever wondered how many gruesome killings kids witness on television/cable? It is interesting that if you are against tax payers funding abortion, and birth control you are considered part of the “War on Women” but, nothing is ever said about so-called music artist who constantly refer to women with the B-word. Indeed our society has lost the value of life; a prime example being abortion.

Let’s consider our schools. A misunderstanding of the US Constitution banned official prayer from schools. Institutions that were founded on Judeo Christian principles are forced to remove their landmarks simply because someone might find them offensive. (And if you quote separation of church and state you’re an idiot and you know nothing of the Constitution!) What is worse is those who can take a stand instead keep quiet, and far too many Christian are too busy waiting to repost T.D. Jakes' newest tweet. Meanwhile all the warning signs remain ignored. Just the other day upon reading about the shooting in Oregon I thought to myself, get ready because it’s going to get worst! There is more to come.

No doubt it is a sad day in America; this amazing country is no longer what it used to be. We are now dealing with the monster created by entitlements, Hollywood, political correctness, and guilt. So what can be done? What good is prayer in schools if there is no prayer in our homes? What good will come if the tragedy and the victims are forgotten? September 11, is only remembered but once a year. It’s not guns that are the problem, its evil being expressed. I’m sorry Mr. John Lennon but imagining the absence of God has gotten us nowhere!

 American, it’s time we get back to God. It’s time to pray, it’s time to pay attention to our kids. It is imperative that we restore the values and principles that have been neglected for so long. It’s time to take a stand, and fight for our children. We must do our part to fight for what is right. I implore you today to pray for those affected by today’s tragedy. Hold your children, love them and teach them to value life.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Meeting with the Mormons

Last night was an intense meeting. The Mormon missionaries showed up with a guy named Jaren, who they have been meeting with and giving their version of “the plan of salvation.” They didn’t want to be recorded this time, but, I was able to record where they asked to not be recorded (for all you skeptics). The discussion took an interesting turn when I was asked if I believed that we “pre-existed.” My answer was simply no. They presented their theory on their spirit pre-existing as angelic beings to which they presented scriptures to back up their premises. Unfortunately for them, I am far too well familiar with the scripture references that they were presenting. Not only were they misunderstanding the scriptures, but they were adding to them.
 The discussion reached its climax when I quoted from the Mormon “doctrines and covenants” mainly from “section 132.” I think its worthy of note that the leader of the two, Elder Nelesoni, refused to address the topic of polygamy and Joseph Smith. He said he didn’t have an answer but, that he would if I gave him more time. My problem is that I gave an answer to all questions given to me, and I expect the same from them. After all, I didn’t invite them; they asked if they could meet me. I pressed further, and asked: who got it wrong? Did Joseph Smith error, or did God change His word? The other Elder, stated that God changed His word for the situation to raise seed to the Mormons. To which I responded first with scripture, then with my opinion. I said, then your god is not faithful to his word and I cannot trust him. My GOD on the other hand is faithful to His word, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever!
The meeting ended on that note. Jaren then asked for my number, and said that he would like to talk more…Elder Nelesoni seemed upset, disappointed, etc. He didn’t really want to even shake my hand. The other Elder (I forget how to say his name, much less spell it), seems like he likes me. I really think that if he is objective, he might change religious positions. I did advise him to research the reliability of the scriptures, and the doctrine of inerrancy. I told him to seek an independent source. I pray he does….

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Election, what really happened!

What happened last night? The truth is very few people actually realize what exactly took place, much less that the changes that are coming to America will be blood on their hands. Worst then four more years of Barak Hussein Obama, nationalized healthcare will be the law of the land. This means higher taxes above what is already in place and those other taxes that will be in place. It means lower quality medical care. (Thank you to all you seniors in Florida who chose to vote for Obama because you were too LAZY to educate yourself and all you heard was what CNN told you. Now you can rest assure you’ll be fine until you get sick-now go play bingo!). It means the Supreme Court will be tipped, leaning to the left. Good bye certain firearms. It means crime rates will rise, food prices will rise, gas prices will rise and millions more will lose their homes. It means more money will be spent on sex education, while our children can’t even quote Newton’s Laws of Motion. My wife and I work hard to educate our kids, we pay out of pocket for someone to tutor him, and he doesn’t get free lunch-because we are not societal leeches! I understand some people need those programs, but, there isn’t accountability and too many people are taking advantage of those programs. Hard working people get taxed so that lazy societal leeches can milk the system. (Just minutes ago KFBK 1530 announced that schools will now be able to send checks to students because of Prop. 30. Really, and here you thousands of people who think it’s for schools!) WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY! It means our military will be so weak we won’t be able to fight a war without allied forces.
 When Reagan was the President, we were so strong that we didn’t even have to fire a shot. The Soviet Union crumbled! The Problem is that conservatives were asleep while the Left was plotting! Michael Savage was too busy blaming Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, the question is Dr. Savage what did you do to help besides run your mouth and attack Romney? Hannity was too busy giving air time to the enemy simply because he wants to be nice. Rush, hit like if you voted Republican…Liking a status doesn’t win elections. I was on the phone from morning till the afternoon with people even in the poll booth, helping people with their vote! While all these guys with a followership by the millions were too busy playing games. They lost! They lost credibility! Mitt, you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight! Ryan, I was excited about Ryan when he joined the ticket, but what happened in the debate? We don’t care about your daughter’s cute nickname. When you’re given a moral, ethical, or philosophical question you answer it as thus! Not with your daughters nickname. That doesn’t win elections. Governor Christi of New Jersey, you sir are a traitor plain and simple. Good luck on your reelection next year.

 The truth behind last night’s election is that the White House is still occupied by a Marxist President, the Senate is still controlled by the Left, and the House is still controlled by Republicans. We’re still in a gridlock, but I’m sure John Boehner will concede. America was abused over the last four years, and last night she was held down and raped while the mainstream media and RINO’s, and treasonous Christians rocked back and forth on their heels with their hands in their pockets looking the other way saying “nothing going on here folks.” People, we will not give up! We fight the cultural war for our children, friends, family, and for the future generations simply because it’s right! Never give up on truth!

Saturday, September 8, 2012




The importance of studying the family unit cannot be over stressed; studies concerning the family bring an understanding of the way the family system is supposed to operate. With such a diverse world and the constant changes that take place within different populations, it is important to have structural norms to help the rhythm and flow of the family within its society. The absence and or the violation of such norms can only produce dysfunction within the family system; which in turn creates societal imbalances that naturally demand societal maintenance. Like any system in order to facilitate rhythm and flow, there needs to be an understanding of its proper structural function.

     Structural Functions give the observer an understanding of a system’s intended operation.
Structural Functions do not guarantee the absence or lack of malfunction(s), they do however,
guarantee a more effective and smooth operation (properly functioning system). Marriage and
family are an institution and like any organism/system, its design requires Structural Functions
that govern the way the unit and or system should operate when all aspects of the whole are
operating within their intended purpose. This essay will define the four Structural Functions of
the family system, and will produce biblical evidence in support for each one. This essay will
conclude by taking the position that the Structural Functions are in essence the natural laws that
govern the family unit as a system.

An Economic Unit
     The first function of the family is an economic unit, in which there is a division of labor that
has economic value (Grunlan, S. 1999). Whether the unit is a producing family or a consuming
family it is nevertheless an economic unit that must be sustained in order to function. The
divisions of labor consist of certain duties and responsibilities given, or among members of the
unit for the benefit of the whole. From a biblical perspective, the first man Adam had the
responsibility (job) of tending the garden (Gen. 2:15). The responsibility was never taken from
the hands of Adam. This is clearly understood when God stated that He would make Adam a
help meet for him (Gen. 2:18). Within the family economic system the wife’s position is that of a
help (this includes and goes beyond economics). The ultimate responsibility falls solely on the
husband as head of household; this should not however, be misunderstood to mean that the wife
takes a second class position concerning the economy of the family. The family must be
financially sustained for proper operation, therefore more than mere division of labor which is
perhaps an inadequate description of this function (for Christians anyway).
The function of economy takes a different meaning when it is understood that, the Christian
family unit is to be a stewardship of God’s economy (Gen. 1:28). Therefore the Christian family
works as a team each member operating within their God given authority and capacities to
facilitate the will of God.

Reproduction and Socialization
     “The second function of the family is reproduction and socialization. Society needs to
reproduce itself and rear its young” (Grunlan, S. 1999).  If and when a society fails to reproduce
itself, then said society will fail to exist. Therefore society is dependent on reproduction, for its
continued life and advancement. However, reproduction is not enough for the success of a
society. The socialization of its young is crucial for the further advancement of a producing and
functioning society. The words of the scriptures such as those stipulated in (Gen. 1:26) have far
more meaning than mere human reproduction. Such things as morality, ethics, religious beliefs,
structural norms etc. must be taught from an early age in order to have a vibrant and healthy
society; the teachings of the above mentioned, are the responsibility of the family unit (Grunlan,
S. 1999). This concept is clearly biblically supported by (Prov. 22:6), in that it stipulates that one
should train/teach a child in the way he should go.

     Companionship is the third function of the family. In his work Marriage and the Family
(Grunlan, 1999) states “Humans have emotional and interpersonal needs that can only be met in
intimate social settings.” The concept of human companionship comes from the second chapter
of the book of Genesis, in which God stated that it was not good for man (human kind) to be
alone (Gen. 2:18). Thus God made man the ideal companion which is the woman, from which is
found the first family. In a proper functioning family unit, companionship is provided for each
family member in various degrees.

Status Conferring

     The fourth function is status conferring. This function relates to statuses that are ascribed (usually at birth) to persons. Statuses that are ascribed are derived from the person’s family. An example of an ascribed status is when a child is born he or she becomes someone’s son, daughter, niece, nephew etc. This is also found in the bible, when a child was born he/she was either a Jew/Hebrew, or Gentile. He/she was born to a specific tribe. When God made Eve, Adam called her “woman,” thus ascribing a status to her (Gen. 2:23).

     An understanding of the inerrancy of the scriptures reveals that the bible is the word of God, and that it is truth revealed. The bible reveals that the heavens (nature) declare the Glory of God (Psa. 19:1). In (Rom. 1:20) there is clear indication that nature speaks/reveals the unseen. Lastly (1 Cor. 11:14), points to nature as teaching human behavior and acceptability of what is proper and what is not. Therefore it is concluded that the structural functions of the family, have biblical support that are found as early as the creation of the first family. Structural functions are therefore established by the Divine Designer for the purpose of proper function of the family system; structural functions are in essence normal, natural laws that govern the proper function of the system called the family.


Grunlan, S. A. (1999). Marriage and the family: A Christian perspective. Second edition, Zondervan.
       Grand Rapids, Michigan.
KJV (2012). Logos bible software. Ipad version.








Monday, August 13, 2012

The Burden of Proof

I am often amazed that some people believe in the possibility of intelligent life on other planets, but they cannot believe in the probability of a Divine designer. They won’t believe in God simply because, they cannot prove that God does exist by the scientific method. However, they’ll entertain the idea of a meta-physically infinite universe (which is philosophically impossible), a race of human’s that evolved into a superior people (which is the epitome of racism if you think about it), and the ultimate destruction of the earth. The first two cannot be proved-just like they cannot prove the existence of God. The third is in biblical agreement. The burden of proof is not on the believer, the burden of proof is on the unbeliever…#infiniteuniverse #evolution #destructionoftheearth